100+ hot selling items from top sellers on Etsy

By Tony Lam

  • SumoMe

Did you ever think of giveaway handmade items with your own design to impress your customers ? I did once to attach a surprise gift (without prior notice) to the Christmas shipments. The buyers were very happy and gave me tons of excellent feedbacks.  Last week when I was working on the data for my first infographic about Etsy top sellers, I learned that their supplies or raw materials for handmade items are really cool. For example, colorful thank you stickers from PrettyTape, Vintage Style Key set and Clear Rectangle Glass from SunAndMoonCraftKits, or Grecian Portrait Cameo Ivory from Cathysjewels.  Suddenly, I come up an idea to find out the most beloved hot selling items that I can buy from them to please my buyers.  I sorted out 12 Etsy stores  from the top 35 sellers according to the decreasing order of number of sales per item. Then, I looked through the active items in their stores and identify those with high number of views.



12 top Etsy sellers 1_25_13

Finally, I consolidate more than 100 hot items into my pin board in Pinterest. The hot selling items I picked are from 12 top sellers on Etsy with sales per item greater than 100 and with accumulated views more than 1000. Take your time to find out your favorite. Since the supplies are really hot and selling good, they may give you some insights to make your own design for handmade items that your buyers will love to receive them.

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