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Open a Estore using Shopperpress Shopping Cart theme

By Tony Lam

Do you want to create your online Estore in additional to your eBay store ? I just finished mine. I spent the past few weeks to revamp my broken website into a Estore with shopping cart and secure payment gateway for my eBay items as well as new items : eBook & training course. My old website was a static free HTML website created under Office Live Small Business (OLSB). Unfortunately, OLSB was closed down in April, 2012 and I was forced to move out my site. After moving, some web links were found broken that leading to error pages when clicking on them. It is so embarrassing that I am always looking for a chance to get a completely facelift.

I started my research this month for a WordPress theme that can able to build a estore. I hope to get the Estore up running with minimum or zero monthly charge. In the meantime, the WordPress theme should be constantly maintained with adequate technical support when I have questions. After trying a few different free WordPress themes, finally I picked Shopperpress Shopping Cart theme. It is one of the premiumpress themes for online Estores. I am impressed by their quick technical support service. Every time I came up a problem, I filed a support ticket and ask for help. I asked 10 questions and some are quite stupid. 9 of them were replied within 24 hours. I am going to show you the main steps of setting up the Estore .


Estore :

nicom supply Estore

Investment : $75 Shopperpress theme (multi-license)

Monthly hosting fee : $0 ( addon domain with under Bluehost)

Payment gateway monthly fee : $0 ( Paypal & Credit Cards via Paypal)


A) Install WordPress and upload Shopperpress theme

(under my primary domain

1) Install WordPress theme under “www. Primary domain/new_website_folder”

Note : new_website_folder is the name of the folder holding the wordpress theme of new Estore.

2) Click “WordPress” under SimpleScripts installations in Bluehost’ cPanel

3) Change the default password in the “Edit my profile”

4) Install WordPress Plugin “Admin Renamer Extended” to change the administrator account name from from admin to something else ( prevent possible hacking !)

5) Upload the Shopperpress shopping cart theme zip file (around 15.96 MB) to the new_website_folder/wp-content/theme using cPanel (the zip file can’t be uploaded through admin because of max file size limit in the hosting configuration). Then, extract the zip file within the folder. This Youtube tutorial show how to do it.

6) Pick the Shopperpress shopping cart theme under Appearance > theme. Click the ShopperPress at left menu to open the license key page. Enter the license key which is your payment receipt ID.


B) Set up “Under Construction” page while you are working on the site

7) Install WordPress plugin “underconstruction”. It will blank out the website with message “ http://new_Estore_domain_name is coming” while you are working on the website. You will see the actual site but all other viewers will send under construction message.


C) Basic Set up favicon, permalink, callback, template of the site

8) Generate a custom favicon for your site here. I used a violin image for my Estore favicon.

9) If you put your domain as addon domain to the primary domain, Change the Settings/General , WordPress (URL) and Site Address (URL) from (For example : to

10) Go to ShopperPress/general Setup/ Page to correct the page/button links to the new permalink

11) Go to ShopperPress/general Setup/image to change the storage and WP Storage link to the new permalink

12) Make sure the links of Callback pages in the Payment options (Return URL, Cancel URL, Notify URL)are changed from permalink http://primary_domain/new_website _folder to http://new_domain (if you are using addon domain)

13) Pick a template styles at General Setup. For my site, I picked Classic Shop with Golf Shopper template. Then, I create my own banner images with Paint.NET and replace the banners at Display Settings/Home Page. The banner combines layers of background, text, and images of Paypal and a guarantee badge. I will giveaway a whole bunch of images of quality badges, shield guarantee badges and premium badges in the coming newsletter. If you want to get them, sign up our newsletter group.

top long banner

D) Add shipping options, Footer links, payment options etc.

14) USPS shipping plugin is not available for current version of 7.1.4. You can set up UPS shipping option to calculate the shipping fee based on the weight of each product.

15) As a work-around for shipping with USPS First Class Mail, I provide free shipping or include shipping charge into the product price. For heavier items, I select UPS option based on the shipping weight.

16) You can print the USPS/UPS shipping label via Paypal since all payments including credit cards are via Paypal.

17) Set up Footer menu to show store policies at General Setup/Page/Footer Links.

18) It is free without monthly charge for Paypal payment option. As to the credit card payment, I use Paypal too but include visual instructions at the side banners to let the buyers know how to select credit cards at Paypal secured page.

Credit card payment instructions


E) Import product information from eBay listings, add Youtube video & buyers’ feedback

19) Import product images, price from eBay/Amazon. The links are affiliated links and will direct the customers back to eBay or Amazon sites for payment. You can delete the buy link at Products/Manage Products/Listing Options/Affiliate Settings.

20) Also, I add Youtube videos at the home page and product pages to increase the dwell time of the webpage for SEO purpose.

21) Because the imported thumbnail images from eBay are too small to show details , I replace the thumbnail images with the images hosting at Inkfrog, and add more photos at the gallery images.

22) Add feedback from eBay buyers to the product descriptions via feedback selector.


F) Add a digital download product and an affiliate product

23) I added an eBook (digital download product) and a ukulele online lesson (affiliate product) to my Estore. It is a new trial for me. As confirmed from the support team, the version 7.1.4 can’t support automatic email with download link for the digital product. I have to send the eBook to the buyer manually.


Here list the Check list of WordPress plugins I have used

Admin renamer extended : changing admin user name for security purpose

Under Construction : show underconstruction when I am working on the Estore

WP Better email: to change the sender name from “wordpress” to “your company name”

Ultimate TinyMCE : Add user friendly buttons, e.g. insert youtube, to the visual editor

Back Studio TinyMCE Widget : beef up visual tinymce editor with advanced options at your widgets or side bars

Sitetree – show both XML sitemap and HTML site map page


Limitation of Shopperpress 7.1.4

1) No USPS shipping option

As I said, Shopperpress theme is not the best and it has a lot of limitations. I need to find workaround methods when I encounter problems. There is no USPS shipping available for the current revision. A freelance worker at the Premiumpress freelance job forum quoted me $120 to add the domestic USPS plug. I have no budget to spend and I may wait for the new revision upgrade in future. For the time being, I offer free shipping or fixed shipping fee for shipping weight less than 2 lbs.

2) No international shipping calculator

There is no way to calculate the shipping charge for international buyers for current version. I have put note at the international shipping page to inform buyers to get a shipping quotation for out-of-country shipments.


Future action plan :

This is only a start for my Estore. There is a lot of works to be done. In order to improve the Search Engine Optimization(SEO), the Estore will be constantly updated with contents, including products, articles or blogs, backlinks and social media links. Backup and security plugins will be added to safeguard the store from possible hacker attack.

Overall Conclusion :

I’m satisfied with Shopperpress Shopping Cart theme for my online Estore. The advantage of comprehensive features, excellent technical support, and reasonable price outweigh the shopping limitations. Also, the price is for multi-license, I can use the Shopperpress theme again make many Estores with unlimited technical support.


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