Impress your eBay buyer with a 360 view 3D photo

By Tony Lam

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Adding a 360 view photo to your eBay listing will impress your buyers and make your listing stand out from others. I’m going to show you a easy way to  create the 360 view photo from Pro and how to add it to your eBay listing. This 360 view photo automatically rotates  360 degree at a rate you set and you can drag on the picture to show different angles.

Create 3D photos at Pro

The Free basic account of provides free tools to enhance your pictures’ background. Detailed process please check my Youtube video : How to enhance eBay picture to pure white background. If you upgrade to FotoFuze Pro account, you can produce as many as 3D photos and embed them into your eBay listings. To upgrade to FotoFuze Pro, you  need to pay once via but the amount is up to you. It is interesting that will donate half of your payment to the charity. You can also choose the charity from their list you want to donate. Being a Pro member, you are not only accessible to the newest features such as 3D photos, but also can process pictures at double resolution.

Reference to the guideline from the website and further suggestions from their nice support guy David, I successfully create a 3D photo of a tambourine and embed it into my eBay listing. Here shows my steps :

1) I place my tripod far away from the tambourine that sits on a flat white surface and zoom in to get a narrow depth of field.  The narrow depth of field blurs the background, which can  improve the results. I take about 36 pictures at different angles by turning the tambourine a bit (around 10%) each time. For a better result, you may consider to use a Lazy Susan or turntable. Without using flashlight, I use a shutter cable to trigger the shutter of the camera since slight movement will blur the image, or make the object wobble when rotating.

2) In the upload page of FotoFuze Pro,  I adjust the value of shadow softness to “2” and total animation time to “12”. You may try different values to create different 360 photos and pick the best one.

3) Then, I upload  all the pictures.  It takes several minutes to process the 360 photo from the 36 images.

4) When the process is done, a thumbnail of 360 photo appears. I click the thumbnail image to open the download page and then copy the HTML embed code.

5) Next step is to open and revise the eBay auction item. I open the HTML editor of description and paste the embed code at the right position.

6) Check the preview of the listing and save the change.

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