How to add 3D photo to eBay auction listing using

By Tony Lam

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To create 3D photos like the one shown above, you don’t need to buy expensive software and spend a lot of time now. provides a very convenient  and simple way for you to create as many as 360 view 3D photos as you like without costing you a dime.  All you have to do is to sign up a Free  account. The website provides comprehensive instructions in both text and video tutorials to teach you how to  take pictures of small, medium and large size object for 3D photos.

Also, it provides free hosting of  your  pictures. You just need to copy the embed HTML code of the 3D photo and paste it to your eBay auction list. The creation process is automatic and pretty easy. has different options of enhance algorithm and masking features to make your 3D photos look professional and eye-popping.

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Shooting the pictures in 10 steps.

1 Find a well lighted work area.
2 The background of the picture should be completely white. To assure that, you should use a white surface or white papers to cover the area where you put the object onto. A wall or any upright surface might help you want to take a picture of bigger object…..
In addition to, I also find another website providing a simple way to create free 360 view 3D photos, please review  – Impress  your eBay buyers with 360 view 3D pictures.
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