How to buy wholesale supplies and resell on Etsy

By Tony Lam

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In 100+ hot selling items on Etsy, most of them are supplies for handmade products or craftworks. Other than going to trade shows to buy and resell on Etsy, you can also look up the wholesale items on eBay. Compared with other wholesale dealers, eBay provides a quick and safe marketplace for small buyers with competitive price. The good thing is that there is no minimum order requirement MOQ for bulk purchase. You can pick small batch of different styles and patterns at wholesale price. If you are satisfied with quality, you may ask the seller to put up a list for larger quantity with better price. Most of the eBay sellers selling wholesale items are manufacturers, or have close relationship with the manufacturers. You may even ask them to look for particular patterns for you. Look up wholesale supplies on eBay is easy and quick. I’m going to show you an example how to find wholesale supplies on eBay for Etsy’s hot items.

Etsy’s hot selling item : 50 pcs of Solid Brass lobster claw clasp, selling at $7.6 ( shipping included)

Find wholesales items with keyword search

Keyword search is a direct and quick way to find the wholesale items. Proper usage of keywords can filter out non-relevant items for you. You will not be overwhelmed by tons of products. For instance, if you want to find lobster claw clasp, just type “ wholesale lots solid brass lobster claw clasp”, some items come up.

One listing is selling at $3.19 or Best offer with Free shipping from China for 70 pcs. The current Etsy list is selling at $7.60 (shipping included) for 50 pcs. You can buy one or two lots to verify the quality from different sellers to find the best one.

wholesale keyword search

Find wholesales items with categories

If you don’t have any ideas on the items for resell, you may try to another way to start your search with categories. Click the leftmost side in the eBay search block to open up the category list. Pick the one you like, e.g. Jewelry & Watches. Then, key in “wholesales lots bulk lot” and you can see all the wholesale items related to the keywords , such as “wholesales”, “lots”, “bulk”,” lot” in the category. You may add more keywords such as “lobster claw clasp” to narrow the search.

wholesale category search

wholesale category search_2

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