Some eBay seller tools are not working !!!

By Tony Lam

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In the past few months, I tested out some eBay seller tools and hope that they can help my business.  Some of them worked well before and some are not. I continuously reported the problems to the owners so that they can improve the tools.  Here lists some of the seller tools that are not working.

bad seller tools

Auctiva mobile iphone  app.

The listing can’t be posted to eBay site directly from this mobile app because the mobile app. has no input for item conditions. The user would need to use the “Upload” option within the app to send them to the Saved Listings page on your account and then post them from there after entering your Item Conditions. I filed a support case to Auctiva on 10/16/12 and the support team replied me on 11/30/12 that the Auctiva mobile app. has not been updated and they are uncertain when the app may be able to do so.

 BestMatch Advisor  (

The eBay ranking data does not show in the Best Match Advisor. Jason, the owner of bestmatchadvisor, told me on 12/2/12 that eBay sent message to him that BestMatch API will be deprecated. Therefore, this app. will be down soon.

Listing Analytics Application (eBay app.)

The analytics report has been down for a while after I blogged about how to use this app to optimize the eBay ranking by adjusting the listing parameters in this . I reported the problems three times to the support team but no answers received so far. I believe it may relate to the deprecated  BestMatch API.

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