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By Tony Lam

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eBay SalesWhat to sell on eBay is something that troubles a lot of people who are inspired to engage in selling on eBay. The first thing to remember before going through all this trouble is that eBay selling is cheap to invest in and has almost no market barriers except for the insertion fee on listing an item on eBay and the value fee when an item is sold on eBay which do not apply to all items. For example, these charges are not applicable to eBay motors. Of importance also is that, you do not need new items to sell on eBay, used items can also be sold.

What sells on eBay?

As said above, what to sell on eBay is not restricted or conditional. You can sell virtually anything you want to on eBay; first hand and second hand. There are many things within your disposal that you can put on sell. These include;

           Items in your house that are not in use such as you outgrown baby’s clothes and toys

           Items in abundance maybe due to your hobby such as novels, magazines and spiritual materials

           Easily available items which you can gather from friends and neighbors for free or for a small fee.

Items to sell on eBay

The following items can consist what to sell on eBay; used guitars, books, baby items such as clothes and toys, CDs, DVDs, shoes, purses and wallets, electronics, cameras, beauty accessories such as ornaments, outdated newspapers, magazines, sports items such as balls and T-shirts, cell phones and also new items with blemish part. These items sell at incredible prices and enable you to get a lot of profit eventually.

What to do to sell on eBay

To effectively take part in selling on eBay, you have to search the item you want to sell on eBay so as to gather information and check on the competitors for the offer price point, listing format, category of the item, pictures and shipping cost. Originality is one thing you should never forget. It makes you an honest salesperson, free from fraud. Pictures of items should hence be taken and posted directly from your stock putting in mind that these pictures can be captivating enough to bring in a lot of customers to your business and make you outstand from your competitors so you should never raise your customers’ hopes only to be a disappointment later.

Hence what to sell on eBay is entirely your choice although there are items not allowed on eBay! 

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