How to create an eye-catching infographic for viral marketing

By Tony Lam

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Infographic is widely used as a marketing tool to present complicated ideas or statistical data with eye-catching graphics and let the readers easily grab the idea within seconds. This is a useful marketing tool to promote your branding, store, products, and impress the potential buyers.  Also, infographic is a useful tool for viral marketing that reach hundreds of thousands or millions of viewers in a matter of days via social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.



35 Top Etsy Sellers

You may notice some infographics such as below that draw your attention in the past. Do you ever think of creating your own? It is not as difficult as you thought. I’m going to show you step by step how to create an infographic with “35 Etsy top sellers in USA” as an example.

UPS ground map


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1)      Think of one or two simple ideas or messages you want to convey

Think of something you want to convey via the infographic. If possible, think about something that adds values to your viewers. Then, they are more willing to spend a few seconds to view AND share with their friends after reading. It may be an answer to a common problem, or it shows statistic data that reveal trends or mysteries.  For example, I learned that Etsy has been growing very fast lately. Some eBay sellers may try to sell in this marketplace and they are eager to learn more about how other successful Etsy top sellers are doing business. Therefore, I created an infographic showing location distribution of the 35 Etsy top sellers and what product categories of products they are selling.

2)      Find creditable data source to back up your idea

If you can find credible data to support your idea, your message is more convincing and likely to be shared. One tips for you, you can look for the free audited data at annual reports of some public listed market leaders such as Google, eBay, Paypal, Amazon for credible data source. Other accessible credible data sources are Google Public Data and Gapminder. In my inforgraphic, I collected the top 35 sellers that record the highest number of sales since 2007 at The data are originated at Esty website and open to the public.

3)      Pick the most suitable infographic template from online infographic creators

There are multiple websites provide free or paid services for users to create their own infographics. They have all sort of colorful templates, icons, graphics and text fonts. You can pick a template and add necessary graphics and text to make it eye-catching.

I picked the US map template at I also have accounts on and You may try other infographic creators Chart Gizmo, Creately, Piktochart , Venngage, to find a suitable template.

4)      Create your own infographic

After choosing a basic template, you can add more graphics or texts in their tools menu. You can also upload your own graphics or icons to make it stand out from other infographics.

In my top 35 sellers location map, I add the categories statistic at the right corner to make the marketing tool more comprehensive.

5)      Refer to URL link of your product listing, website and the credible data source

Don’t forget to include your URL information and data source in your infograhic. Without such information, your effort of viral marketing goes down the drain. I add the URL link of this blog and data source at the bottom of the infographic. It helps to get traffic from general public when see it.


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