How to find the best selling items on eBay using Terapeak

By Tony Lam

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I have been busy stocking and re-arranging my inventory for the coming peak season in summer. Business is down this month when compared with the same month last year. I have to make extra effort to catch up with the business in order to meet my goal of 50% profit growth this year.

Lately, I have been working hard to find out the best selling items on eBay. I added a page “Gallery – Hot eBay items” showing all my findings. They are hot research items at Terapeak with more than 50% success rate ( i.e. success rate is the percentage of the listings in the categories that closed successfully with at least one item sold). You can bookmark the gallery for your reference. By constantly checking the hot items gallery, you won’t miss them when you are buying at trade shows, wholesales websites, thrift stores, yard sales, garage sales, or estate sales.

Here shows my steps how to pick the hot selling items using Terapeak. You may try it out yourself for 7 days free. Currently, I have put up more than 70 best-selling items on eBay focusing on vintage collectible. I will continue to add more.
Watch a Terapeak eBay Research Demo

1) Login your Terapeak account

2) Open “Hot Research” tab

3) Click on the Category Name that you are interested in

e.g. Pet Supplies > Dog Supplies > Flea & Tick Remedies


Terapeak Hot Research_1


4) You will see the trend of the Categories in 2 Years. The graph shows seasonal fluctuation in sales with lowest in Dec and highest in April.

5) Click on the “The best-selling titles in the categories you are searching “

Terapeak Hot Research_2


6) Select the item you want to review. For me, I select the highest sell through rate

Terapeak Hot Research_3

If the number of total listing is more than one for a single item title, it should be a hot BIN item that sells a lot in a single listing.

7) Click on the item title to list out all the items with the same item name

Terapeak Hot Research_4

8) Pick a hot item, look through their descriptions and learn from how they write the descriptions and set up price. I also cut and paste some of the descriptions under the gallery picture for you.

Terapeak Hot Research_5

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