How to respond quickly to buyer’s questions or complaints.

By Tony Lam

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There are a lot of benefit of  respond quickly to buyer ‘s questions.

1)      Get an order early :

Sometimes the buyer may send the same question to various sellers. Whoever gives satisfaction answer early will buy from him/her.

2)      Prevent negative feedback :

Negative feedback is sometimes because of slow response to explain or take necessary actions when the item received is not up to buyer’s expectation.

3)      Higher chance to become Top Rate Seller :

One yardstick of top rate seller is the respond time.  There will be no excuse for buyers to give you low score on DSR.


react fast

First of all, you should have a system or database  to store your buyer’s information such as Paypal invoice, shipping  receipt from USPS/UPS,  item information. The data should be readily retrievable within short period of time.  I tried many ways but found that internet email system (such as Yahoo or Google mail) is the most  simple, effective and reliable way of storing buyer’s information. I don’t need to spend time to transfer  or maintain a database or spreadsheet. I just type in the buyer’s ID or buyer’s name at email search box to find out all the related emails, transactions, shipping info. in the sort list. I can quickly know what is the previous  questions and how I respond to the buyer.

Secondly, you should have mobile device that can access your email account easily. You may use smart phone with data plan so that you can access internet email anywhere you go.  Whenever buyer send you emails, you can immediate understand their concern and give them a quick (if you need time to investigate) or complete solution in a short period of time. Also, you can check the item information via the browser at the mobile phone .

Finally, in my experience, never procrastinate the reply. If you don’t have an answer, say so. If you needs time to check. Just acknowledge buyer’s inquiry with a promised time to give full details.  

Regarding to unsatisfied customer’s comment or feedback, immediate reply is very critical to prevent the fire from spreading out.  I will share more about my experience in handling  customer complaints  in another guide.


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