I received a negative feedback !!!! What can I do ???

By Tony Lam

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Although you have tried your best and done everything you can to avoid it, a negative feedback can be inevitable. Here’s what I would do when receiving a negative feedback   :

Negative Feedback

1)      Contact buyer to try to understand the reasons for the negative feedback

First of all, don’t argue with the buyer, even if you think you are 100% right. Most of the cases I have encountered  are due to miscommunications or the service (response/shipping time) is not up to the buyer’ s expectation.

2)      Ask if there’s anything you can do that resolve this issue.

If the fault is on our side, apologize and ask for any suggested resolution method.  If refund can solve the problem, do a full refund. If buyer has unreasonable request (for example, lost compensation, etc) , politely say that you can’t afford to give more than total refund and seek the buyer’s understanding.  All the cases I’ve dealt with, the buyers were satisfied with a refund.

3)      After resolution, leave a comment below the negative feedback and kindly request buyer to change the feedback from negative to positive


Leaving the comment below is to let other potential buyers know that even though negative feedback, you have resolved it quickly.  If you are eligible to send revision request, ask the buyer if he or she is willing to change the feedback from negative to positive to you. 

Below is the real case with a buyer who had given me a negative feedback on 4/10/12 and this is how I resolved it.

Dear victoxxxxx0,

Noted that you didn’t receive the parcel. I have sent you email on 3/28 to see if you need any help after knowing that you are looking for me. I can give you a full refund if you didn’t receive the strings set. Please correct the negative feedback if possible. It is very important for me. Please confirm if you accept the refund.

Without waiting for the reply from the buyer, I gave a full refund to the buyer and follow up with message :

Dear victoxxxxx0

I have issued a full refund to you via Paypal with Unique Transaction ID # 13U76496XM904942J). Please consider to revise the negative feedback to positive for me. Your satisfaction is my priority.
Thanks for your business,

Then, I add comment below the negative feedback telling that I sent email on 3/28 and have issued full refund to the buyer.

On 4/17/12, the buyer replied that he didn’t received the refund. Then, I asked him to check the Paypal account again providing with the unique transaction number.

On 4/21/12, I received the following message from the buyer. After a while, the negative feedback was changed to positive feedback.

Dear nic..,

Thanks I received it. Positive feed back guaranteed :)

– victoxxxxx0


Tips : Check if you are eligible for feedback revisions

Sellers can submit a limited number of requests to buyers to revise neutral or negative Feedback. The number of requests is determined by the number of Feedback comments received in the previous year. Five revision requests are allowed for every 1000 Feedback ratings given.


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