Lifelong education

By Tony Lam

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lifelong education

As a seller, I need to keep watching the rhythm of market, update myself with latest technology knowhow and learn from other sellers from time to time.  It is a lifelong education.  The owner of Gully Farm Consignment was branching out and listening to other sellers on eBay forums.  Some tried to read books from expert or blogs from other sellers, forums, or Youtube channels to update themselves.  I found Google Reader is a very effective way to feed me the latest information automatically. What I need to do is to register a Google account and get started with Google Reader. Then, click the subscribe button and add my favorite sites by cut and paste the RSS feed ( or the blog URL (  Also, I use Flipboard app at my iPhone and iPad to connect my Google Reader account so that I can read whenever I want (except driving).  I like photography, online selling, and medical knowledge. I put the most important blogs and Youtube channel in to “must read” folder to prioritize my readings. Below are my favorite blogs, forums and Youtube channel.  How about yours? I love to hear your ways to update yourself.

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