How to write an outstanding eBay auction that sells (Part 3) – Best timing to start your auctions

By Tony Lam

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In the previous article, I talked about how to revamp the best match rank by adjusting types of listing, keywords in auction titles, item specifics etc. If we did what I said and get a high BM ranking but sales is lower than expected. You may miss one important aspect of the marketplace – buying pattern. Without knowing the price that buyers paid and the time when most buyers shop, you may miss the golden opportunities to make more money.

Terapeak is a very useful tool to provide eBay sellers up-to-date information on all closed listings on the eBay marketplace.  Making  use of  Terapeak’s data, you can get an idea of the existing demand and size of the marketplace, and decide whether or not to source and sell an item for a reasonable return on your investment and time.  Terapeak also help you sell your items faster. I’m going to show you how to use Terapeak statistics to increase the impressions and finally make more money on  eBay.

According to eBay Best Match – FAQs,  the auction-style listings are mainly sorted based on seller performance standards and “Time: ending soonest”.  In other words, the auction lists will have higher ranking when they are newly listed or approaching the end of the listing period. Imagine that if you arrange your auction listing to start or end just at the most busy time of this marketplace where all the buyers are shopping, you will make more money than other sellers.

To demonstrate the way to find best day in the week, the best time in a day, the optimal price in order to get the highest sell through rate, I will use an example keyword  phase “violin bow” that most buyers will use if they want to buy a violin bow.

In the product search page of Terapeak website, input the keyword phrase “violin bow” (with quotation marks) to returns only results with both words in the title, then click “Go”. The following result charts will show up based on all the closed listings between  9/10/12 to 9/16/12

The Best Day to put up or close out auction : Monday or Tuesday

Best Time of Day : 10 PM or 12AM Pacific Time

Best Price Print to set : below : $31.99

Best Listing period : 7 days

Using above data, I can set up my auction listing with 7 days period at the price point $29.98 or $19.98 or $9.98 and schedule it to start on Monday or Tuesday at 10 pm or 12 am.  Since the closing time will be the same time one week later. I expect the visibility of my listing by the potential buyers who are searching for a “violin bow” will be much higher than I set at the other time.

Different keywords may have slightly different results. So, you can find out the prime listing time and price point for your item  or keywords with terapeak. I look forward to your comment and feedback.


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