“Missing Page 1” in USPS Priority Mail Customs form AGAIN !!!!

By Tony Lam

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On 12/11/12, the package shipped by USPS Priority Mail International to UK with tracking number CF203595701US  returned to me due to “Missing Page 1” of the customs form.  This is the second time I got the return because of “missing page 1”.  According to the tracking information, only two post offices processed my package this time.  I’m pretty sure someone in the post office in Fremont or ISC San Francisco took the customs page 1 out intentionally or by mistake.

USPS tracking CF203595701US

With the lessons learned in the first occurrence, I quickly sent an email to USPS customer service at USPS.com and opened a case with ID 111115767 to request a postage refund because of mishandling of USPS post officers. On 12/12/12, I received a standard reply as below and asked me to call 1-800-222-1811.

“The reason that you have not seen many updates is because the number you provided is a customs label number, rather than a tracking number. The scan information available for this type of number is limited. However, delivery information is available to most countries with C-series numbers, such as yours. I apologize that this item has not been delivered. Although Priority Mail International is not a guaranteed service, usually delivery can be expected within six to ten business day…”

I emailed my request again but only to be informed that refunds are not available for Priority Mail International postage on 12/13/12.

Should I be penalized by USPS’s fault ?  Here are the steps what I have taken or will take. I will let you know the result then.

1)      Informed the buyer about the return and re-sent the package again at my own cost, with alert message and an extra  Page 1 stuck on the box as shown below.


2)      Document the communication emails with USPS customer service.

3)      Requested a postage refund and an investigation if someone mistakenly kept the customs page 1 as the “post office’s copy”.

Will continue escalating the issue to upper managements  (or even to the CEO of USPS, Patrick Donahoe)

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