Multiply your earnings by automation

By Tony Lam

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If you have a stable income from eBay, you can easily multiply these earnings by increasing the scale of your current system without additional resource. It can be accomplished by applying automation rules to the routine posting and re-listing process. Here are three ways that you can apply to save time so that you can handle more listings at the same time.

1)      Always set Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) for fixed price listings

If you have multiple qty for the item, set the fixed price listing to Good Til Cancelled and enter the inventory, as many as possible.  The listing will be automatically relist after 30 days.


Multiply earnings by automation infographic

2)      Search an exact item on eBay and sell similar

Find out the identical listings of your products on eBay search. If you are selling books, you can just scan the ISBN bar code to find the similar books selling on eBay. Pick the top seller listing and click “sell similar”. You will be asked to enter your specific information and upload your pictures. Making use of the best seller on eBay, you can save your time to enter keywords and long description.

3)      Automation rules assigned to auction listings

You can make use of 50 monthly free auction style listings offer  to sell multiple qty with automation rule assigned. At the top menu of summary page, click “My eBay” to open the drop down list and then pick “Selling” to open your selling list. Then, assign automation rule to the auction listing and select “relist continuously until item sold”. If the item does not sell after 7 days, the auction list will be automatically relisted. If the item is sold and you have more item, just manually relist the item  and assign automation rule to the new listing.


Top selling tips :

1. When you continue a end listing, it is better to choose “relist” instead of “sell similar” since it inherit the view records (but not visually shown) to the new listing, helping BM search ranking.

2. Let the review count and sales add up in the GTC listings, it helps to optimize your eBay BM ranking as well as Google SEO. I have some fixed price listings last for years with huge number of reviews and thousands of sales history. Those listings are always at high visibility in eBay Best Match searching. Also, buyers are more likely to buy from the listing with sales history than the new one.

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