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my eBay journey

Selling old books at eBay

I started my eBay account in 2004. Initially, I just want to sell all my books that stuffed in my cabinets to see if I can learn some part-time money. I spent almost an hour to take pictures and wrote descriptions for each listing. Although a lot of time and effort I put, I didn’t sell good. I sold only one or two text books, only to earn a few bucks. After a lot of effort with few sales, my passion died down and my focus turned  to something else.

I lost my job in 2009

laid offIt was not until 2009 when I lost my daytime job, I was forced to pursuit a way sustain my family. The economy in U.S. was really bad and I couldn’t find a job after sending hundreds of application letters. I was really depressed and worried as my saving was shrinking. I prayed to God to help. Thanks God to answer my prayer, my church friend jumped in to help in my most different period.  He was a top seller selling musical instrument with feedback more than 12,000. He gave very practical advice and taught me how to sell at eBay. He said that he learned from his former colleague who had been a top eBay seller for more than 10 years. He introduced his partner who was a wholesaler to me so that I could able to get a really good price. I worked very hard  and tried different methodologies to gain sales on eBay. The sales are pretty slow at the beginning (less than 500 feedbacks). I was not sure if I would never earn a decent money out of my all hard work. Was I wasting my time in a wrong direction? Should I give up ?

Sales at eBay ramped up

I never stopped praying and asking the questions to my Lord.  As time went by, I could see my way. My friend and his partner continuously encouraged me not to give up.  They assured me that my sales will be accelerated as my feedback accumulated to a certain level. I kept on praying. Amazingly, new ideas always popped up in my mind. I put them into action in my listings, price setup, and resolving complaints from angry buyers. Most of them work wonderfully. Those do not work at the first time work after slightly tweeds. My sales started to ramp up with lots of positive feedbacks coming back.

  I feel content and encouraging when I received following feedbacks from my buyers.

  Top Quality Seller, Good Quality product that was handled well + Great Service

  Love the Uke! Great sound! Definitely excited to learn on this instrument.

  Strings came super fast, neatly packaged and clearly labeled, thank you!

  Very good customer service, quick and easy to talk to.

   Package well sealed and was received quickly.

  Outstanding seller, lovely containers, fast shipping, VERY pleased, thank you!

 eBay sales ramp up

This is the most rewarding thing for me as a business owner. I can take full control of all my business, tried my own ideas out and make my buyers happy. For me, the joy I received is much rewarding than the money I earned. Finally, I find something meaningful in my life.