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I put together all the effective service contacts, tools and resources necessary for eBay sellers. Most of the resources here have been used or tested by me before. I have put an example beside the tool. They are all free at the time I tested. Please try them yourselves and don’t spend money until you are sure that it can help you to generate profit. The page will constantly be updated and please keep it bookmarked for future reference.

sellers tools & resources

Service Contacts

Get hold of correct service contact to resolve your questions and complaints sometime be frustrating if you don’t know the correct channels. You may try the following ways and they are working good to me.

Top seller’s tip : If related to complaints, always communicate with emails and keep records for future follow ups.

eBay contact

At right side of Top menu of , click “Customer Support”, then select the second tab “Contact eBay”, Login your eBay account, Select a topic related to your issue>Click “Call us” >Dial in the number with provided temp. ID#

Paypal contact

1. At homepage, Click “Contact” at the bottom menu bar. In the second option “Find answer here”, click “Email us”, login your account, choose a topic AND subtopic, enter your specific message, click “submit”. You will get a reply within 24 hours.

2. Call eBay and ask eBay to transfer to Paypal . It is the most effective way to get hold of Paypal immediately) or call Paypal support directly at 1-888-221-1161

USPS contact

Open homepage, at the bottom site map second column, click “Customer support” , click “Send us an email” to open a new page, in the inquiry type, select your options (information, problem, suggestion, compliment). You will get a reply within few days. If you consider the answer is a standard reply without resolving your problem, you may ask for escalating to the supervisor or higher level. Please see my PDCA example.

UPS contact

At homepage, click “contact UPS” at the top menu and select “Email UPS” or “Call Customer Service”.

Free eBook for eBay sellers (from

  1. Pinterest for eBay Sellers Presentation (11/17/12) Learn how to use Pinterest, the fastest growing social media site in history, to grow your eBay business. You’ll get a brief overview of what Pinterest is, what makes a good pinner, but most importantly how you can use it to promote your eBay business.
  2. eBay Branding Checklist(Excel format) (7/31/2012)Use this Branding Checklist to track your efforts at developing your brand. Whether it’s just a little bit of polish around the edges or a complete overhaul.
  3. Know Your Numbers (12/30/2011) Learn the essential metrics you need to measure the health and performance of your business on eBay.
  4. Social Media and Selling (2/22/2012) A guide to using social networks to help your eBay selling efforts.
  5. Grow Your eBay Business with SWOT (2/22/2012) Grow your eBay business with ideas you can use immediately. A simple process that examines your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with your business.
  6. Stand Out on eBay (2/15/2012) Learn how to get your items noticed and sell more, through the eyes of the buyers you want.

Best Blogs

A La Modern : A great blog about thrifting

Fruzies : Enjoying Life as eBay Top-Rated Sellers

My Secret Ebay Diary : Lot of great tips for eBay selling

Auctiva EDU : Auctiva’s official blog for eBay sellers

The Selling Sisters : Your guide to selling online

The eBay Life Blog : eBay selling tips and tricks

Outright : Small business taxes

Worthpoint : The largest resource for researching and valuing your art, antiques & collectibles

Terepeak Blog : eBay research data and eBay sales database

eBay Radio Blog : EBay Radio broadcasts (eBay Radio; eBay Radio’s Ask Griff & Lee; and eBay Town Hall) feature helpful guidance, advice, and information from eBay team leaders, guest experts, and your fellow sellers along with hot eBay topics, news direct from eBay

Online Selling Coach : Learn how to sell on the online top marketplaces with the top online coaches

Skip Mcgrath’s Blog : The oldest and largest site serving eBay sellers since 1999

The Last Drop of Ink : eCommerce in plain English for UK market

Youtube channels

Danni Ackerman : Danni Ackerman of The Danni App brings you how to videos for eBay sellers as well as a weekly video podcast uploaded on youtube for ease of viewing.Danni is an eBay coach and mentor who’s spent nearly two decades on the site successfully selling antiques and collectibles as Udderlygoodstuff.

Thevintagefetcher’s channel : Show you what stuffs to pick at yard sales or garage sales.

LearnThreasurehunt’s channel : This channel has been stopped updated for a while.

ThriftTrekker : Bob shows you thrift store finds to resell on eBay for profit

ounitproductions : buying, selling and making money


Video / Slideshows editors


Ezvid (example), Camstudio (Free) for screen capture, iMovie (Mac), Youtube editor, Animoto(example), Goanimate, Proshow Web, Powerpoint 2010 (example), Videoscribe (example)


Free Photo Editors


3Dbin (example), Fotofuze (example)(for 360 Product View), Aviary, Ribbet (example) , spiderscribe (mindmap creator, example), Paint.NET with PSD plugin (PSD file online editor)


Infographic (example),, Chart Gizmo, Creately, Piktochart , Venngage, Wordle (example)


Mobile Apps for iphone


Photo editor

phototangler (example), pic stitch, Aviary, Snap&Sketch, pixyme (example)

Email photos

PhotoSendr (easy to send 6 photos at a time)

Cloud Storage

Dropbox, Sugarsync, Cloudme, Box

Google reader


Avatar creator

face your manga

Facebook group/page for seller

Danni App, sellertools

Product ideas and sourcing : Pick the auction houses that have good reputation to buy. Remember to add the buyer premium charge and shipping fee into your calculation of cost before bidding. : Good source to buy the property from law enforcement or public agency.

EAPG Pattern Glass School : Learn all the Collectible Pattern Glass

Biztradeshow : Product trade shows

Artist Signatures : Website to search for the signatures of famous artists

Top Etsy Sellers : Website lists out top Etsy sellers by category or by country

Blenko Glass Archive: Colors, Physical characteristics, & catalogs

Breyer model horses : An online catalog for Breyer lovers of all ages

Carnival Glass Pattern : Good reference site for Carnival Glass

Tootsietoy : Tootsietoy collectible toy vehicles

Toy Car Collectors : Collection of Matchbox trucks, Husky, Hot wheels etc

Tonka trucks : It is an informative guide for Tonka trucks


WordPress theme for online estore

Shopperpress : A premium wordpress theme (with different daughter themes) integrated with shopping cart, payment gateway for ecommerce site (example)



How to develop a brilliant memory


Other useful online resources

Outright (Small business taxes), Listing Analytics (eBay app), Paypal Here (mobile credit card reader), Auctiva or Inkfrog (eBay list hosting), Terapeak ( eBay sales data research) , Feeback selector, eBay buying guides

Adobe CS2 downloadThe USPS Priority Mail Box Size Guide 

Shipping Large Items