A New Start

By Tony Lam

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As mentioned in my last post, I was thinking whether to continue my blog or not. When I started this blog, I just want to share my experience in selling on eBay and hope to help others to earn some money while staying home. It was until lately that some bloggers talked about the consequence of sharing trade secret to the competitors. I was hesitated to write more about my trade secret and I started to pray. Thanks God who answered my prayer. I am enlightened to move forward to a new start.

I am aware that I am not the owner of my possessions but a housekeeper for my Lord. I hope my experience is a blessing to others. Starting from this month, I will use this blog as a new start to further my expedition on new business ideas. They may be new categories on eBay, new sourcing methods, or other marketplaces such as Etsy or Poshmark. To make it a win win situation for you and me, I will add affiliate links in my posts. You can still get the latest trend of home business opportunities, and new product ideas for re-sell, at no additional cost to you. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase via the links. If you want to get advance training or freebies from me, please join my free monthly newsletter group.

new start

A new start eBay journey from zero to 110 feedback

If you are new to eBay or don’t know how to keep up to speed with selling on eBay, I’m going to show an example of my eBay journey starting from scratch. My goal is to get 500 positive feedback within a year. I intentionally keep a thin or zero profit margin just to get the ball rolling. As long as I receive orders every day, my zest will not die down and I can practice the skills of packaging, handling customer inquiries until I become familiar with the process. In this way, I can handle them easily with minimum effort, like driving and swimming.

I started an eBay account “tonysellertools” on 9/10/12 with a selling quota of 10 items per month. After selling for a month, my positive feedback is 10 and the selling performance is :

Total items listed on past 31 days

Number of items sold : 13,

Number of active listing : 2

Total amount : $30.84.

I requested a higher selling limit on 10/21/12 by filling out some personal details. eBay allowed me to sell 100 items max. per month with a higher selling limit of $5000.


On 1/24/13, my positive feedback raise to 69. In January, 2013, 50 items were sold with amount of $453.58, and active items were 21 at a total value of $181.62. The seller dashboards figures are as below:

Item as described: 4.96,

Communication: 5,

Shipping time: 5,

Shipping and handling charges: 4.97

Open cases 0%

Then, I further requested a higher selling limit. eBay asked me about my product categories ,where to get the products and the name of the wholesaler. Then, they raised my limit to 220 items with selling limit of $6000 per month.

Up to 3/7/13, my positive feedback score was 110 with 6 active items.

In conclusion, my approach is to acquire experience in handling customer complaints with automated re-listing of auction items (making use of 50 free auction listing). After testing, I switched three best sellers from auction to BIN fix-price lists (@ $0.5 listing fee per month). I am selling low-price but high-quality items. I offer one-day delivery and quick reply to any customer inquiries. Such super-valued items with excellent service are unlikely to receive customer complaints. To reduce returns due to high expectations from buyers, you may start with cheap items at a selling price less than $10. As I mentioned in my newsletter, Daiso wholesale online store is a good source for high quality household items. My goal is to earn credibility as well as selling skills in the learning period from 0 to 500 positive feedback. I will further report my status later.

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