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By Tony Lam

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Selling eBay is one of the cheapest ways of getting involved in online selling. Online business has been adopted by many individuals, organizations and communities because it has been proved to very successful and reliable especially when it comes to profitability. Individuals are therefore advertising and marketing their products and services online to gain more potential customers all over the world.

Advantages of eBay selling

Selling eBay is quite an advantage to any sales person. It is beneficial to a home based business person, a huge and successful business enterprise and even for a seasonal sales person who may decide to get rid of some items that are not being put to use and therefore get some income from these items. Selling eBay is easy and cheap since unlike many other businesses it can be done with a minimal amount of capital hence anyone can invest in it. To top this up, there is basically no subscription fee unlike all other marketing opportunities that come with entry restrictions and costs. In eBay selling, you will be making use of monthly free 50 auction with fixed price listings, quick set up time and a very fast feedback from market. 

Getting started

To get involved in selling eBay is as easy and enjoyable as defined below.

1.            Creating an account

 To create an eBay account, you need to go to eBay’s main page or home page. To reach this home page, you can just make use of any search engine by typing in ‘eBay’. The page should be that of your country and here, you will follow the instructions of registration until the end. Verification of addresses, names, accounts name and all other relevant information that can make identifying and locating you easy should be done carefully.

2.            Choice of item and selling guide

Every sales person before engaging in any form of business has to make a choice of the item to sell and how to sell it. To make selling eBay a success, you should make the right choice of item, price, format and category not forgetting how competitive the item is. The best way to do this is to make a comprehensive research on how other online selling businesses with the same products are operating. After this, you make and manage your listing. Selling can either be by an auction or fixed price format.

3.            Communicate with buyers

It is important to give buyers and potential buyers a platform to ask questions and get the relevant answers regarding your items. This is done through email, phone and eBay checkout.

Selling eBay is hence a business strategy that anyone can invest in and benefit immensely since it is not very demanding. You can sell both new and second hand items.




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