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By Tony Lam

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When I first started as an eBay seller, I just focus on few products and make them repeatedly generate revenue for me. After I jump start my earning machine, my next step is to find ways to automate the process and multiply the earning to make it a sizable income to justify the effort I spend on. During the process, I spend a lot of time to research online for helpful information and tools. I started with free online tools, online resources, free app that help me to keep up with the changing marketplace, latest technology,  and buyers’ trends.  To save your time on research, I have consolidated my findings into the “Tools and Resources” page. They are mostly free but some require subscription fees for upgraded levels. I would recommend you to try those free of charge before invest your money on them. I will constantly update the page and please keep it bookmarked for future reference. If you want to receive extra premium training material and freebie, please subscribe my monthly newsletter too.

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Content Summary of “Tools & Resources


1)      Paypal contact, USPS contact & UPS contact

In the past, when I have questions to clarify or complaints to file, I spent a lot of time to find the right contact to resolve them.  Once I had a terrible experience to spend almost 6 months to get my money back from a legitimate shipment claim from USPS. Therefore, it is very important to know the right service contact to get your job done. The contact information in the page is based on the terrible lessons I paid.

2)      Free eBook

I will include website links containing free eBooks relating to online selling, primarily for eBay sellers for the time being. If you have any other valuable sites to share, please let me know and I will include them into my list.

3)      Online tools and online resources

As online sellers, we may need to make some product demo videos or edit eye-catching pictures, infographics  and animation graphics for marketing purpose.  Also, product research service and accounting service, eBay listing hosting services will be included. For the online tools and resources in my list, I will try my best to test them with example shown and make sure they are working.


4)      Free app for iphone

Nowadays, people use mobile device more than desktop or Laptop computer. By utilizing mobile apps, you can get your job done quickly when you are not in office.  I will list some free app that I’m using to edit photos, email photos, and read my blogs with RSS Feed.

5)      Best blogs and social media for sellers

The online market is very competitive and changing very fast. Sellers must keep watching the buyers markets and communicate with other sellers to keep pace and take quick actions to adapt to the changes. Also, social media such as Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter are widely utilized to draw traffic and keep in touch with sellers and buyers.  I will list the best blogs written by experienced seller coaches and social media discussion groups for your reference.

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