Passion of a seller

By Tony Lam

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Do you think of what drive you to continue to work in your current job ? For me, other than the money I got, I feel really rewarding when my buyers are very happy with what they received from me. I feel like I am sharing hope and joys to them. This is my motive to ride through difficult time when the business is low. Here are three occasions that I won’t forget for the rest of my life.

passion of a seller

Music boy in a bike

I remember I sold a violin to a teenager who rode almost an hour to my place from his home to buy a violin. He played guitar before but wanted to challenge himself by playing violin. The boy took out all he had in the pocket  (lot of dimes, quarters and dollar notes) to me just enough to buy the violin.  He said he earned the money himself by working in a construction site. His face showed complete contentment when he put up the shoulder strap of the violin case on his back.  My little daughter was moved by the boy too. After the boy left, she quietly told me that she would volunteer to teach the boy violin for free !!!

Man jumped happily like a kid

Another scene I won’t forget is from a buyer who drove all the way from San Francisco (about 50 miles away) to me to buy a Chinese Erhu. He is a musician and played different stringed instruments before. The sound of  this two-stringed Chinese Erhu intrigued him.  . He looked at the snake skinned sound box and said, “It’s so beautiful !!!”. He bought it right away,  walked away, jumped and shouted,” YEA !!!!’  like a kid.

Little voice from inside

Back to two years ago, I received a phone call from a senior (from Florida) who told me that he wanted to buy my violin. I was surprised because my ad is for local only. I didn’t think of shipping a tuned violin to other cities for fear that the set up will be disturbed during transportation. I asked the old man how he found me. He said he didn’t know how to play violin and also never played before. Little voice from inside pushed him to do so. My ad. came up when he searched a violin nearby. He said he was seventy now and he might not have second chance to hear the little voice again. He really wanted my violin and would pay the shipping charge. I didn’t want to fail the senior, so I tuned up and packed the violin with extra care before shipping.

My passion of being a seller

These vivid memories always reverberate in my mind. I feel blessed that I can bring joys and happiness to them. Each buyer may have a story and expectation behind. I have a strong passion that I will not let myself disappoint every buyer I meet.

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