Product ideas learned from eBay China

By Tony Lam

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I came across eBay China site lately when I tried to see if I can sell my stuffs via  I found that eBay China site provides a lot of information to help Chinese sellers to sell to other countries.  According to Q&A of, eBay beginning in 2007, is committed to help Chinese enterprises and individuals to open up new channels for overseas sales on 39 eBay platforms in the world. In the ad. of Terapeak  at the front page, there are two big sections : Today Hot Items and Today Rare Items. When open up the items, you can find a lot of statistics on different product categories for Chinese sellers. As US sellers, we can also learn some product ideas and target markets to explore.



For example, in the product category of LED bulbs in Today Hot Item area, Chinese sellers take about 100% of all the active listings. You may try to avoid selling this category if you don’t have a competitive advantage on the product source and price.

On the other hand, if you open Auto Fragrance in Today Rare Item area, you will find all items are not currently selling by Chinese sellers. The main market is eBay UK.  While It is a good news for Chinese sellers to explore, it also provides useful product ideas and information of international market for US sellers to work on.

To view the eBay China webpage, open the At the front page bottom right corner, change the US flag to China flag.  If you want to view the page in English, you need to open the eBay China site with Google Chrome browser and use Google translate.  Check out if you can grab some product ideas to sell and target sites to explore your products.

Sales data based on 30 days

Item LED light bulbs Auto Fragrance CAR AIR FRESHNER
Data from Target Site eBay US eBay UK
Research  Price Range $19.20 to $28.80 $10.4 to $15.60
Total  # of Listings 517 13
Chinese Sellers % 644 (98.9%) 0 (0%)
Total pcs sold 651 766
Total sales $15,599 $ 9,506



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