Are your eBay listings ready for mobile devices ?

By Tony Lam

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The latest eBay top tips recommended sellers to take advantage of 12 Free pictures per listing and avoid using HTML in the body for better visibility on mobile devices.  I wonder how the key performance indicators such as Best Match ranking, sell through rate changed by doing so. I did an experiment to revamp one fixed price list, and monitor the changes of the key performance  indicators  at eBay Listing Analytics before and after. The result blows me away. Just three days after the revamp, the Best Match ranking improved 46% and the sale through rate increased 105% !! !



revamp your eBay listing for mobile devices

The experiment started with a keyword search at Listing Analytics. The keyword for the experiment is “violin clip tuner”. There were two fixed price listings (List A and List B) showed up after I keyed in “violin clip tuner”. I picked List B and add 7 more pictures to the maximum allowed number of 12. Then, I deleted the HTML codes in the body and only left a few lines of plain wordings, separated by line breakers (e.g.<br>) only.  Finally, I added the HTML code for “Posted with eBay Mobile” to the end to make it look like being posted via eBay Mobile app. As to the other List A, I kept everything intact as a control reference.

Initially, the changes in key performance indicators were not obvious. The BM Ranking of List B improved from 130 to 125 while the control List A behave almost the same from 104 to 105 after 1 hour. I was a bit disappointed. Therefore, I decided to wait for a few days to make sure the eBay server refreshed my latest changes for the BM search algorithm to work on it.  At the weekend, I received a few orders for List B and I knew that the BM ranking should have been improved. Today, when I opened eBay Listing Analytics and checked. The BM ranking is now 70 !!! with an 46% improvement !!!

Because the result is promising, I am going to revamp all the listings with low impressions in my eBay store in this week. How about you ? Are your eBay listing ready for the platforms of mobile devices ?

Summary of Fixed Price Listing revamp

Revamp procedure for List  B : 1) Add up to 12 pictures  2) Delete HTML code for template and video 3) Add HTML code for “Posted with eBay Mobile”

revamp summary eBay Listing Analytics


Listing performance before revamp

Listing performance after revamp

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