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By Tony Lam

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In consideration of picking the best shipping insurance option for your items selling on eBay, the following points are important :

  1. The cost of insurance
  2. The risk of being damaged or get lost by carriers
  3. Is claim process complicated or easy ?
  4. Does it cover both shipping cost and item cost ?
  5. How soon to get paid ?
  6. What countries  or situations are excluded ?

damaged package

More Reading :

Most buyers and sellers on eBay agree that when an item is being shipped, it’s best to buy insurance. What’s not so often talked about are the finer points of using insurance during the shipping process. How much insurance should be bought? Does anything special need to be done for insured shipments? And what happens if the item is indeed lost or damaged—what’s necessary to collect on insurance?…More at Tips for Shipping Insurance

Of course the shipping insurance cost should be as low as possible. It is worthy to spend a little time to do a research and compare the coverage and price of different offers. This is my option I recommend after a lot trials and errors for your reference.

UPS shipment (insurance cover up to $100), the rest insured by inkfrog-shipsurance

USPS shipment insured by inkfrog-shipsurance


Steps to buy shipping insurance at inkfrog.

Buying insurance via inkfrog is easy. At the Home page of inkfrog, click “view sold listings” at the left side lower box, you can see the list of all sold items. Find the one you want to buy insurance and click the wording “add insurance” next to the item picture.  A new window will pop up and you can select Carrier, enter Tracking number. The tracking number can be obtained in your mail box after you print eBay shipping label. Also, select the shipment date, check the box “Send insurance Summary to Buyer” to ensure buyer with a peace of mind, and check the box with “I agree and accept”.  Finally, click “Buy insurance” and you are done with the buying process.

Buy inkfrog shipping insurance







Steps to file a shipping claim at inkfrog

It is easy to file and get paid from inkfrog-shipsurance. Firstly, open the Home page of inkfrog, click “view sold listings”. Then search the item by item number or buyer ID. You can open drop down list of search options by clicking the “magnifying  class”.  In the row of “Shipsurance”, click the hyperlink “here” to file a claim. A claim form will come up for you to fill out information required. Make sure you have the following docs or picture ready before filing.

  1. Pictures showing broken package AND broken item
  2. Payment receipt of buyer ( print a Paypal receipt from email )
  3. Print the tracking information from your carrier website






Shipping Claim Example

Here shows how I communicated with the buyer for a damaged cello bow and how I filed a claim to inkfrog and get paid in 3 days !! 

On 6/4/12, a Cello Bow was reported broken by a buyer. 


Dear jatystore,

Despite being well-packaged and well marked to NOT BEND, the pkg was bent and the nice, beautiful bow is broken. Please advise what needs to be done. Thanks you.

– fiddlexxxx


I assured the buyer that his/her interest is fully protected by shipping insurance, and also asked for pictures showing the damaged package and broken bow. I promised to give full refund after collecting the pictures since I am confident that I will get paid from inkfrog -shipsurance very soon.


Dear fiddlexxxx,

Sorry to hear that. I have bought shipping insurance for it.
Please send me the pictures showing the damaged package and broken bow to I will give you a full refund then. Sorry for any inconvenience caused,

– jatystore 


After giving a full refund to the buyer, I filed a claim to Inkfrog on 6/12/12. I put together the pictures(jpg file), Payal invoice(pdf file), and shipping tracking information (pdf file) in a same folder. Then, I filed a shipping claim following the steps as mentioned above. Afterwards, I received two emails from Shipsurance (Inkfrog) as below. The first email reported the claim status and the second email was requesting the recipient to confirm the claim by filling out the affidavit form or online verification.


  1. Claim status : pending docs, with a link to online claim status website

There has been activity on the following shipping insurance claim that requires your attention.
Shipsurance Claim # INKJG-xxxxx
Claim Status: Pending Docs

  1. RE: Shipsurance Claim #INKJG-xxxxx . We have received and started processing the claim listed above. Attached to this email is a document request detailing the items that we require to continue processing the claim.

          Make specific notation of the due date for the required documents.

          * Please have the recipient or intended recipient verify this claim by visiting

          To check the ongoing status updates of your claim please visit


I forwarded the second email to the buyer to and asked for online claim verification.


Hi Buyer,

I just filed a shipping claim and they require your verification by visiting You can copy and paste the link to your browser and fill out the information required.

Thanks for your co-operation,


In the meantime, I submitted all the docs required. I have no idea if the buyer have time to do online verification. After two days, before I further check with the buyer for the status, I received a confirmation email from Shipsurance that my claim was paid. I filed a claim on 6/12/12 and received payment on 6/15/12. No hassle. Good service !!


Title : Shipsurance Claim # INKJG-xxxxx – New Activity (InkFrog)

There has been activity on the following shipping insurance claim that requires your attention.
Shipsurance Claim # INKJG-xxxxx
Claim Status: Paid*








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