Thermal Printer Zebra LP2844 for shipping labels

By Tony Lam

Thermal printers are extremely useful for those individuals who run an online business, such as eBay sellers (like me), where there is a constant need of printing shipping labels. You see, with these types of printers, which have taken the industry by storm, you’ll never again have to worry about dealing with low ink matters.

There are countless of thermal printers out-there in the market; this can cause a great confusion when it comes to deciding which one is your best bet. At the moment, there is one thermal printer in particular that is causing a great amount of buzz for its high rating reviews on popular sites where consumers often rate their most recent purchases, such as Amazon: Zebra LP2844. I’m an eBay seller myself who was tired of buying ink for my HP printer. For that matter, I opted to purchase this model one year ago to see if it lived-up to the hype and to bring you the following review.

This innovative printer is perfect for us eBay sellers who regularly ship through USPS. This little machine can save you a lot of money and time. It can hold large rolls of labels and requires absolutely no ink to function. Since it has less moving parts, I noticed that it is a lot less noisy than the majority of ordinary printers and has fewer risks of breakage or malfunction. You’ll literally be able to print thousands and thousands of labels with absolutely no type of issues.


With this cheap printing unit by the well-known brand Zebra, you can print domestic shipping labels at eBay, Paypal and using Chrome browser under a Window 7 environment. You will definitely find it easier to print invoices and receipts using a thermal printer than an ordinary printer, such as a laser printer or inkjet printer.

The Three Top Benefits of Zebra LP2844

Economic Advantage

This printer is just an alternative to printing needs, but it has been proven that there are more advantages to this form of printing, especially from the economic point of view, as you will never have to purchase ink. You see, there is a color change of the thermal paper that is used for printing, which is what makes it possible for thermal printers to operate without ink; therefore, you can save a lot of money, as you won’t need to be purchasing ink like you would do with an ordinary printer.

Flexibility Advantage

This device is very portable so you can take it with you wherever you head in life. The mechanism of thermal paper removes a lot of features of printing machine, such as ink pot; therefore, this thermal printer is less massive and lighter than an ordinary printer.

An Easy & Fast Advantage

This thermal printer is quite easy to operate and is faster than any other ordinary printer. This is because the heating up of thermal papers and the reaction that is causes on it occurs quite fast.

As you can tell, the Zebra LP2844 is definitely your best bet if you want to forget about buying ink ever again in your life. It will save you thousands of dollars, which is money you can use to invest in your business. There are a handful of places where you can purchase this device, but if you want to attain the best deal possible, buy a brand new one just like I did on Amazon LINK or opt for a used one that is in good conditions on eBay LINK. These two places are your best to attaining this innovative printer, which lived-up to the hype in my book, at an attractive price tag.

Tips to earn long term passive income at eBay

By Tony Lam


Tips to earn long term passive income at eBay

Every body knows how to sell on eBay, but not every one can sustain the earning at eBay for a long term passive income. Some people will buy a lot of stock in the beginning hoping to sell well.  The sales soar for awhile, but eventually becomes stagnant, causing their stock to be stuck and unsold. Others spend too much time making a beautiful listing, but only getting a few sales a week which frustrates them and cause them to eventually give up.

I have spent almost two years and figuring out ways to earn regular income every month with limited amount of money and time. Here is the tips I learn :

#1 ) Set an achievable target and go for it with a burning desire.

First, you want to set a reasonable goal for you. If it’s you first time, don’t aim too high  (For beginners, I recommend a target of 50 positive feedback) If you don’t have regular income by selling eBay, set a goal to get average $100  a month with around $3 a day. The goal is to direct you to the destination and the driving force is your desire. Once you set up your model of selling, it will become your long term and passive income even while you are on vacation. It has flexible work hours, and once your credibility is built up to several thousand positive feedback, the sales will become easier than before.

#2) Focus on few items and consistently work on it every day without stop

I suggest you focus on five fast moving items with low price tag. You can make use of eBay’s 50 free auction listing with ‘Buy it Now’ option. Start with a simple listing, then tweet the title keywords, descriptions and selling price until the items are sold.  After you sell one item, relist it again.   By consistently working on the same few items, you will be familiar with the whole process of answering buyers’ questions, receiving  and printing orders, shipping, following up after sales. Make sure to do it everyday  so that you won’t loss the “passion” and forgot all the skills you acquired.  Your hard work will pave the foundation of the long term passive income in future.

#3) Keep up with new eBay requirements

It is critical to keep up with all the new requirements, changes or updates for eBay sellers. By following all the eBay Sellers’ requirements, it will get you the best possible position in Best Match, the eBay’s default sort order for search result. Therefore, spend some time to  read carefully through the emails from eBay for seasonal updates  e.g. eBay insider, eBay  Powerup and take necessary actions to align with the changes.

#4) Learn from other successful sellers

To be a successful eBayer is not easy because the market is always competitive.  I always read the feature stories of successful sellers at eBay power up. They will share how they develop and manage their business at eBay, with top tips for selling success. This is a proven way of success selling and save me a lot of time by trial and error.

Another tactic I used is reviewing the listing of the sold items and learn from them. It is to check the “completed listings” options under “show only” at the left sidebar of the best match search product list.

#5) Get encouragement and support from others who share the same goal

Working online can sometime seem lonely  because  you have no co-worker to talk to whenever you are frustrated by slow sales or unreasonable buyers. Therefore, it is better to have a support group with friends who encourage each other . I recommend you to  join some eBay seller blogs and keep in touch with the other sellers .

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