What types of embedded video help eBay listings to sell ?

By Tony Lam

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Adding or embedding a Youtube video into eBay listings is not difficult. However, producing a video that compel the buyers to make decision right away is always challenging.  Sometimes, you may be frustrated to find lot of views recorded at your embedded video but no single item is sold.  Before a video is shot, think about what stuff you are going to show that ultimately help your sales. Below is some of tips and tricks for you.

1) Keep the embedded video short

The video should not be longer than two minutes since the attention span of buyers is extremely short. Convey your message clear and precisely before buyers loss their patience.

2) Record clear and sharp embedded video with quality sound

This is a basic requirement for a video show. Videos with blur images and lot of background noise, on the other hand, will hurt your sales. Let the video play at high quality mode but leave an option for HD, since not all buyers have a fast internet connection and default HD video display may take time to show up.

3) Give eBay buyers good reasons to buy your item

Put yourself as the buyers, think about what factors trigger you to buy this item. Does the eBay listings solve your problem ? Does the features suit your needs ? Does it look cool ? Can it be a gadget to show off to your friends ?

4) Compel the eBay buyers to make buying decision right away

Convey a “time sensitive” message to buyers such as limited supply, one time offer, or special offer for first 5 buyers only etc.

5) Adding videos that show endorsement by celebrities or artists

Customers will have more confidence to buy your item when are referred or demonstrated by the people they know.

Examples of eBay embedded videos

Below show some examples of videos that I put on my eBay listings. There are tons of ideas out there for you to explore. Just try them out and see the effect, adjust them and try again. You will be surprised to see how creative you are.

1)      Product overview by scanning from different angle

The video is my first video put on eBay listing back to few years ago. The quality is not good but it serves the purpose to give buyers a rough overview of the product.

2)      Demo of the usage or sound

If the buyers see how it works and hear how it sounds, they have more tendency to buy it with peace of mind. These two videos are very successful. They help me sell  hundreds of items and got the first page of eBay’s “Best Match” search quite a long time.

3)     Show closeup and texture of the material and give a touchy feeling to your eBay buyers.

Since buyers can’t feel the material themselves, you can act on their behalf to “show” the feeling by your hand.

4)       Add videos to show that your eBay item is cool and a lot of fun !

5)       Products demonstrated by celebrities

6)    Combination of  above ; for example, pictures slide show with product overview

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